Why do you need a brief?

The brief is an important tool that allows you to carefully study the details of your project and give it an approximate estimate. It helps to understand your needs and requirements for more accurate planning and project implementation.

General information

Your name
Your e-mail
Your phone number
Your Telegram/Viber/WhatsApp

Additional Information

What is the name of your company?
Do you have a website? (Insert site link)
When do you expect to receive the finished site?
What site are you interested in?
Give examples of sites that you LIKE
Give examples of sites that you DON'T LIKE
What pages and sections would you like to see on the site, apart from the main page?
In what languages ​​should the site be presented?
Does your company have a brand book to follow? (logo, color palette)
Do you have a clear idea of ​​the future design of your site or do you want me to "come up with something interesting"?
In what style do you see the design of the site?
Is registration on the site and a personal account of the user required?
Do applications need to be sent to Telegram?
What is the ultimate goal of the site?
Write what else you would like to add to the information specified in the brief
Thank you for spending your time and filling out the brief! I will contact you after I evaluate your future project
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You can always write to me on social networks or leave a request on the website.

You can also fill out the brief below to familiarize yourself with your future website in more detail

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