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Creation of an additional page

Development of an additional page for the presentation of a patriotic collection of socks for an existing online store.


Sphere: Clothes, shoes, fashion, style
Country: Ukraine


The task from the client was to develop an additional page for the existing site with the presentation of a new patriotic collection of socks. Highlight products as clearly and vividly as possible, add description, size, composition and price of socks.

Design and development

The page has a stylish and modern design. The front page grabs attention with a vibrant image featuring a collection of socks. Products are presented in the form of convenient cards with photos, name and price. The entire site design is simple and clean, with a focus on products and ease of use. The main colors are black/white and blue-yellow, which emphasize the patriotic theme of this collection.

Ihone mockup page 1
Ihone mockup page 2
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