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Creation of a website for a supplier of exclusive cars

The site-catalogue for the premium supplier of exclusive cars “ Skärholmens bilhall” was developed together with the company Webbl

Site type: Site catalog
Sphere: Cars, Spare parts
Country: Sweden


The client's task was to create a catalog site for presenting premium cars. All site content had to be changed in the admin panel.

Such pages as "Catalogue", "Sell a car", "About us", "Services", and "Contacts" should have been presented on the website. A function has also been developed for calculating the cost of the car including interest and the term of the contract. In addition, convenient filtering by many criteria has been added for an easy and quick search for the right car. 

Design and development

The site is designed in a strict, laconic black and white color scheme that emphasizes expensive style and elegance. The design is sophisticated and developed taking into account the eliteness of the cars offered. Every detail of the site is honed to perfection, creating an impression of exclusivity.

Developed using the Laravel framework, the site guarantees reliable and efficient work. The custom admin panel allows you to conveniently manage the content and make changes to the site, giving you full control over the presented cars and their characteristics.

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