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Creating a volunteer project to help Ukrainian refugees

The site was created to collect donations and help Ukrainian refugees 💙💛 , who were forced to leave their native home due to the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine


I was contacted by a client whose proposal was to create a platform to collect donations and help Ukrainian refugees in France . The main wish was a simple website with a weekly subscription to the newsletter (a letter with a list of products, medicines and hygiene products to be brought to the humanitarian center assistance to Ukrainians).

After developing the necessary functionality, the client offered to expand the site by adding a map of assistance centers to Ukrainians refugees located around the world. In addition, the contact details of a volunteer have been added, who will help and answer questions that site users may have.

We have also added information about job searchs for war survivors and general advice for finding any job in any field. I hope this information helps everyone! ❤️

Design and development

Developed using the Laravel framework, which ensures reliable and efficient operation, and a custom admin panel allows you to conveniently manage content and make changes to the site.

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Website sticker 1 Website sticker 2 Website sticker 3


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